Looup Your Instagram User ID.

How do I get the Instagram url?

Follow the steps to find the right Instagram post url via mobile or desktop.

Via the browser:

  1. Go to instagram.com via the browser and login
  2. Go to the post by clicking the date or time at the bottom of a post (like "1 day ago"). Or go to your profile overview page and click the photo you want.
  3. Copy the url from the browser address bar at the top
  4. Paste the url inside our text field above.

Via the mobile Instagram app:

  1. Open the mobile Instagram app
  2. Go to the profile overview page and open the post
  3. Click the three dots at the top right corner
  4. Click the options share and you will see "Copy Link" at the bottom
  5. Paste the url inside our text field above.

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