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Fill Contact Form with your full details... and we send your Login details on your registered email address. so kindly use your valid email always.

Q 1. How to Find My Account if I forget My Email or Password?

If you forget your email or password and you are unable to login in your VIP panel account you can simply email on - ([email protected]) and here you can take a simple survey and get your account back.

Q 2. I can't finding my account from the "Find Your Account" page?

if you can’t find your account on find your account page. Then you can do a simple email on - [email protected] so here you can get your account back.

Q 3. How to forget my password?

You forget your password by clicking on button exits below the login button and put a some information and then forget your password.

Q 4. how to change my username or email?

if you want to change your username or email or other detail then you can change this on login your account and then go to account setting here you can update your account setting.

Q 5. I can’t login to VIP panel?

if you can’t login to VIP panel then please email on - [email protected] and take a screenshot of error and then sent to our customer care he can help you.

Q 6. why I can’t change my password?

if you want to change your password Then login to your account then go to account setting and update your account setting If you forget your password then you can forget password by clicking on forget a password button on the login page.

Q 7. I have to change my password every time before login?

if you change your password every time on login then can’t affect to your account one important thing note that can’t share your password to anybody if u do that then change your password immediately.

Q 8. I got some unknown error what I do?

if you got any error then email or contact on - [email protected] With the error screenshot and with link so we fix the error as soon as possible.

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