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Below Just Enter vaild email address and submit. If you have already signed up, show the login page and enter only the password or If not, then see the sign up page just fill out all the details and complete it.

VIP Panel Login

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Q 1. How to Recover My Forgotten VIP Password?

Due to some security reason This time our company disable self Password Recover system. so you can send us password recover request from Contact Form or Support email. we immediate send your login detail on your VIP Account.

Q 2. How to login in vip panel?

If you want to login in vip panel enter your detail in form and then click to login button and you will be login to on your account.

Q 3. Why I can’t login into my account?

If you try to login on your account but I can say any error then you check your detail like your email and password then try to login but it again and again occur error then you try to forget your password and then your problem will be solved.

Q 4. I Forget my password then what I do for login?

If you forget your password then to click to forget password and then create your new password then login.

Q 5. How I can see my login history?

yes , you can see your login history after login to your account and then click to setting and then login history here you can see your login history.

Q 6. I foregt my email address then what I do?

if you forget your email then you will do that you can contact to your customer support for help and he can ask some question then you can change your new email .

Q 7. someone’s is hacked my account and I can’t login to my account please help?

If anybody can hack your account then you will change your password emidentlly and if you unable to change your password then you forget your password if hacker can change your email address then you can contact to our customer support as soon as fast that he can help you.

Q 8. I have two account can I merge them?

if you have two account then you can delete and deactivate your one account and use only one account because I against your privacy and policy so hope you understand and also read your privacy policy.

Q 9. how can I secure login to my account?

If you want to secure login then to always login to safe browser which don’t stolen your mobile or pc data if you use third party allocation which can ask for more permission thn uninstall this type of application and you also use incognito web for safe you account.

Any issues or problems with getting the url? Let us know!